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A proud descendant of Kamilaroi and Dunghutti people, Ebony draws inspiration from her cultural background when creating her hand-crafted pieces. EB jewellery takes artistic inspiration from an enduring sense of identity and Ebony’s personal relationship to country. Through the minimalist, understated designs, Ebony demonstrates a contemporary and distinctive aesthetic free from influence of the commodified and short lived trends that saturate the current jewellery market and media.  

Her studio currently in Brisbane, Ebony identifies as one of an emerging class of young designers hoping to render a distinctly local aesthetic to her art and jewellery. Using recycled precious metals, all leftover cuttings are placed into jars to be melted down for later use. Ebony’s brand aims to have minimal to zero waste, as ethical and transparent practises are fundamental to the brand. She hopes to demonstrate the significance of environment, both through the jewellery design; as well as through maintaining sustainable and environmentally friendly craft and supply practises.